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I'm an IT Professional serving at ISP as Network Support Engineer. I wish everyone on the planet get sufficient knowledge of IT for daily life needs. I am trying my best to share my knowledge and skills with all. Hope you will like and help me in spreading IT knowledge to everyone on the planet.

Display post views count without WordPress plugin

If you are a blogger and want to display views count on every post in your WordPress blog without plugin, then your are at right place. Mostly bloggers want to display number of hits/views count on their blog post. It’s pretty good to display the popularity of post to visitors and… Read more »

Move your Facebook page likes to another page

Facebook pages are made by different users for different purposes like publicity of your company, business, website, blog etc. If you are a blogger and wanna share your blog posts on social media to get more traffic on your blog, you need enough likes on your Facebook page to get… Read more »

Change default language on Outlook and People Live

People live contacts is the best service by Microsoft. Here you can manage you contacts and do much more with your contacts. If you have contacts on other account like Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter etc, you can import them to your live account easily. I’ll share in details about… Read more »

Backup Windows Phone Contacts and Messages to SD Card

In today’s advance world mobile phone is the basic need for everyone. Contacts and messages are the main important assets on our phone and no one wanna lose it. When ever lose your phone, the main thing you are worried about is; that you have lost such important assets (Contacts and… Read more »

Downgrade/recover/restore Windows Phone 10 back to 8.1

As Windows 10 Technical Preview for phone is totally for test and experimental purpose. Microsoft released it for test purpose to test it’s features, trace-out the bugs, get feedback from technical experts and end users to enhance it’s performance and add more features as desired by end users, to get… Read more »

Upgrade Windows phone 8 / 8.1 to Windows 10 Preview

Windows 10 is released globally for PC few months ago and thousands of people are enjoyng it for free. Window is much better than previous windows (8.1, 8, 7). It’s very user friendly, light weight, more secure and having much more. While for mobile it’s not finalized yet, but don’t… Read more »

How to STOP Facebook videos auto-play?

Usually when you login to Facebook and scroll down through your Home page, every video play automatically even you don’t want to watch those videos. I personally get annoyed by this auto-play of videos unwillingly. So I search out the Facebook setting and found the solution, which I’m gonna share with you… Read more »