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I'm an IT Professional serving at ISP as Network Support Engineer. I wish everyone on the planet get sufficient knowledge of IT for daily life needs. I am trying my best to share my knowledge and skills with all. Hope you will like and help me in spreading IT knowledge to everyone on the planet.

Turn your Windows PC into WiFi HotSpot without software

In today’s tutorial I am gonna tell you, how to turn your PC (Laptop/Desktop) into as WiFi HotSpot. First let me explain why you need to turn your PC into a HotSpot. First If you are using Internet via cable in home and don’t have a WiFi to use Internet… Read more »

Are you safe in Afghanistan earthquake affected area?

Incase you have any friend or family member in today’s Afghanistan Earthquake affected areas and you don’t have contact to inform him or know about them; that are you Safe in today earthquake OR He is Safe from the tragedy. Facebook has started a safety update notification that let know… Read more »

Fix IDM video downloading issue in Chrome

Today I am giving you solution of a very common issue, which happens almost with everyone. You have installed Internet Download Manager (short IDM) successfully but when you are watching videos on YouTube, Dailymotion or Facebook, the download option does not appear on you video. Hence you are unable to… Read more »

How to Turn On or Off Windows 10 background apps

In Microsoft new Windows 10 background apps mostly run automatically. These apps use a part of your CPU and memory too. If your are using Windows 10 on old PC or your PC is slow down with the installation of Windows 10, then you need to disable the background apps which may help to increase… Read more »

Remove USB shortcut virus

ITOsTaad   October 10, 2015   4 Comments on Remove USB shortcut virus 880 Views

Most of the people don’t care of their Computers and don’t /can’t buy a professional antivirus to keep their Computer secure and virus free.  Hence we face different security issues of which some are invisible while some are visible to us. Visible issues are like: window or registry file are damaged… Read more »