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Facebook tips and tricks that you may not know

The world has changed in almost a global village, almost everyone from any part of the world have access to the internet and connected with social media. Facebook is one of top social network used by a huge number of people on daily basis. Most of the people just surf time… Read more »

Google Chrome useful Tricks

ITOsTaad   January 26, 2016   2 Comments on Google Chrome useful Tricks 341 Views

Google Chrome is a well known popular web browser, light weight and fastest browser.  That’s why a huge number of people download Chrome for daily internet browsing. It takes a very short time to download, install quickly, simple interface and easy to use. Being a large number of user, may be are… Read more »

Display post views count without WordPress plugin

If you are a blogger and want to display views count on every post in your WordPress blog without plugin, then your are at right place. Mostly bloggers want to display number of hits/views count on their blog post. It’s pretty good to display the popularity of post to visitors and… Read more »

Move your Facebook page likes to another page

Facebook pages are made by different users for different purposes like publicity of your company, business, website, blog etc. If you are a blogger and wanna share your blog posts on social media to get more traffic on your blog, you need enough likes on your Facebook page to get… Read more »

Change default language on Outlook and People Live

People live contacts is the best service by Microsoft. Here you can manage you contacts and do much more with your contacts. If you have contacts on other account like Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter etc, you can import them to your live account easily. I’ll share in details about… Read more »

How to STOP Facebook videos auto-play?

Usually when you login to Facebook and scroll down through your Home page, every video play automatically even you don’t want to watch those videos. I personally get annoyed by this auto-play of videos unwillingly. So I search out the Facebook setting and found the solution, which I’m gonna share with you… Read more »

Are you safe in Afghanistan earthquake affected area?

Incase you have any friend or family member in today’s Afghanistan Earthquake affected areas and you don’t have contact to inform him or know about them; that are you Safe in today earthquake OR He is Safe from the tragedy. Facebook has started a safety update notification that let know… Read more »