Downgrade/recover/restore Windows Phone 10 back to 8.1

As Windows 10 Technical Preview for phone is totally for test and experimental purpose. Microsoft released it for test purpose to test it’s features, trace-out the bugs, get feedback from technical experts and end users to enhance it’s performance and add more features as desired by end users, to get a fine and final official release of Windows 10 for Phone. It is expected to be released in December 2015.

Why to downgrade/recover/restore?

This tutorial will really help you in getting fix these issues.  Lets move on and let me explain How to Downgrade/recover/restore Windows Phone 10 back to 8.1 step by step. Before move on make sure your phone’s battery is fully charged, backup your device data, if it has important data.

Prerequisites for your computer (PC):

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.
  • USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Minimum 4 GB free storage space.
  • A good Internet connection

Step1: Download Window Phone Recovery Tool Microsoft Official Download Link , install it on your PC and launch it. If it asks for installing updates; Install it must. 1. WP Recovery tool

Step 2: After installing updates, run software and connect your phone to PC via cable. If your phone is not supported; You will see following screen. Don’t worry just click on Install.2. WP Recovery Device Tool not Supported

Step 3: It will download the required software package and install it on your PC itself.

3. Additional Sofware Download

Step 4: After updating new software package, you will see following screen. Reconnect your phone and click My device was not detected. (See Snapshot)5. WP Device Not Detected

Step 5: Here select your phone manufacture. I am using Lumia 1020, so I’ll select LUMIA. 6. WP Manufacturer Select

Step 6: Wait for a while until your Phone is being detected.7. Waiting for connection

Step 7: Still your Phone is not detected?  Press Power Key + Volume Down at the same time until the phone vibrates. Your phone will show manufacturer logo only. Don’t worry about that.8. WP Device Couldn't Connect

Step 8: Now your phone will be detected and you see following screen. Click on Install Software.9. WP Device Info + Detected

Step 9: Next screen will notify you for creating a backup as I already mentioned. Just Click continue if you already created backup of your phone.

10. WP Disclaimer

Step 10: Downloading software for your phone will start, will take about 25 to 60 minute or more depends on your internet speed. Don’t disconnect you phone during the installation process, otherwise it may damage your device. 11. WP Downloading Files

Step 11: After download is complete, the instillation of  software on your mobile will starts. If your mobile battery charge is low then you see following screen as I already mentioned. Click next if you phone battery is fully charged.12. Check Battery

Step 12: Finally installation started and you will see the installation in progress bar on your phone screen too. 13. Software Package Installation

Step 13: Next you see following screen, which means you phone is successfully downgraded/recover/restored. 14. Software Package Installation

Hope your issue is fixed successfully and you are back to what you were desired. If you find any difficulty in the whole process, make sure you have followed the exact steps as guided. Still you face any problem or tucked at any step? Drop a comment below and I’ll response back shortly. Thank you

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