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Google Chrome is a well known popular web browser, light weight and fastest browser.  That’s why a huge number of people download Chrome for daily internet browsing. It takes a very short time to download, install quickly, simple interface and easy to use. Being a large number of user, may be are one of them, below tips will help you a lot while working on Chrome. If you start using these tips while browsing many tab, you will able to work on chrome as fast like a professional without moving your hand towards mouse, just using keyboard.  In this tutorial I am gonna share Google Chrome useful Tricks. You will apply following commands (keys combination) from you keyboard.

Google Chrome useful Tricks

Open new Tab

  • Ctrl + T to open a new tab.

Close tab

  • Ctrl + F4 if you need to close a tab.

Open last tab(s) or accidentally closed

  • Ctrl + Shift + T if you closed a tab mistakenly or want to reopen the last closed tab. You can restore upto 10 tabs, if chrome accidentally closed or crashed with this command.

Jumping tab

  • Ctrl + 1 jumping to first tab, Ctrl + 2 (jump to second tab). Ctrl + Number of that tab  for jump to any other tab. Like if wanna open ninth number tab, you will press Ctrl + 8.
  • Ctrl + 9 to jump on last tab.

Jump next/previous tab

  • Ctrl + Tab jump next tab.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab jump previous tab.

Open new chrome window

  • Ctrl + N to open new chrome window.

Chrome incognito mode

  • Ctrl + Shift + N to use chrome in incognito mode. Incognito mode is used for private browsing.

Add to bookmark

  • Ctrl + D to to bookmark your favorite web page. Bookmark is to add any webpage to your favorites list that are save in bookmarks located in your browser.

See download

  • Ctrl + J to see the thing downloaded/downloading in chrome.

Address bar / highlight website URL

  • Alt + D or Ctrl + L to jump to address bar or highlighting the the website URL.

Jump top or bottom of page

  • Press Home key on keyboard to on the top of the page.
  • Press End key to jump at bottom.

Zooming in/out

  • Ctrl +(+) for zooming in (Ctrl key with plus symbol).
  • Ctrl +(-) for zooming out (Ctrl key with minus symbol).
  • Ctrl + 0 from adjusting page view to normal size.

Page source code

  • Ctrl + U to view the source code of a webpage.

Full screen on/off

  • F11 to use to on/off browser full screen mode.

Browse between web pages

  • Alt + Home to jump home to page.
  • Alt + arrow left/arrow right to previous visited page/next page.
  • F5 or Ctrl R to refresh current page.
  • Esc to stop a web page from loading.

Other shortcut commands

  • Ctrl + S to save a webpage.
  • Ctrl + P to print a webpage.
  • Ctrl + O to open a file.
  • Ctrl + H to open history.
  • Ctrl + F to find text on page.
  • Ctrl + Shift + B to show or hide book mark bar.
  • Ctrl + Shift + O to open bookmark manager.
  • Ctrl + Shift + D  to save all page as bookmark in new folder.
  • F1 for help regarding chrome.

If you practice these commands on daily basis while using chrome, soon you be able to work without mouse, fast like as professional. Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and you will like it. If you learn something new here on this blog then please share it with others. Thanks and have a great time.

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