How to Improve Battery Life on Windows 10 Mobiles

Smart phones are becoming smart enough replacing our Computer. Today everyone use smart phone for online surfing, watching videos, playing games, get connected socially via apps and do much much more other than basic use (call + sms). But with smart phones there is always a big issue which is battery life and till now there is no such smart phone available yet which have long lasting heavy duty battery. We need to carry out mobile charger along with us to work If our smart phone use is hight. If you don’t carry your charger then at least you will bring your phone data cable must to connect with PC to avoid battery charge down issue during work at office. Do you know that there are many apps that run in background which sucks your battery charge. The more apps and games you have installed the bigger chances to loss battery soon due to apps running in background even you don’t need it. We need to adjustment apps setting to extend our smart phone battery life. Here I am gonna explain how you can improve battery life on windows 10 mobile.

Windows smart phone have a built-in Battery Saver app which can help you a lot to extend battery life. I am trying to explain all the steps in details.

Improve Battery Life on Windows 10 Mobiles

  • First of all go to Setting > System > Battery Saver and open Battery Use

Battery Life WIndows 10

  • Here you can see the battery usage across all the app within a specific time frames like 24 Hours, 48 Hours and 1 Week. The recommended time frame will be 24 Hours to calculate battery usage in across all app within 24 hours.

Battery Life WIndows 10

  • A list of all apps and games will be shown with details, showing battery usage in past 24 hours and also battery consumption running in background. Now we need to check each and every app that how much it has used battery in last 24 hours and how much it is using in background. Against every app the battery usage status foreground + background both are shown.

Battery Life WIndows 10

  • After knowing the battery usage by all apps, decide which app you don’t need to run in background. Disable all unnecessary apps that consume battery in background. If don’t wanna get Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber etc notification in action center, don’t them running in background too.

Apps Running in Background

  • To freeze apps running in background go to Change background app setting. Disable every app that is consuming huge amount battery power and is not necessary to run in background. If there is some app which is not using that much battery then you can ignore that one.

Battery Life WIndows 10

  • When you disable all unnecessary background apps and games, your battery timing will increase. Further you need turn on battery saver mode. The battery saver stop all the background apps.

Battery Saver Mode

  • If you are a field worker and need basic phone services like call and sms, then the battery saver mode is very useful for you. When battery saver is on, all the background services will freeze.  The phone screen light may be a little bit dim as compared to normal. Your phone battery will support you long enough and will not let the battery out of charge as soon.

Improve Battery Life on Windows 10

  • If wish you to receive Facebook or WhatsApp notification even you have turn on battery saver then you can them manually by Add an app. Remember that those app you add here will run in background even if battery saver is on.

So that was a detail overview how one can Improve Battery Life on Windows 10 Mobiles. Still have any query/issue feel free to contact me by dropping a comment below and I’ll response shortly. Thank you

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