Turn your Windows PC into WiFi HotSpot without software

In today’s tutorial I am gonna tell you, how to turn your PC (Laptop/Desktop) into as WiFi HotSpot. First let me explain why you need to turn your PC into a HotSpot. First If you are using Internet via cable in home and don’t have a WiFi to use Internet on other WiFi enabled devices. Secondly if you are using Internet in Office which gives internet access to your PC only as your MAC address is registered on the network by network admin. May be network admin assigned specific IP cloned to MAC address due to which you will only be able to use Internet on your PC only. But don’t worry you can share your PC Internet by turning your PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) into a HotSpot and enjoy Internet on other WiFi enabled devices too.

Before going to turn your PC into WiFi HotSpot, make sure your PC is fully in working condition not faulty. Your PC have a WLAN Adapter (WiFi) and it’s driver is up to date, if you are using a desktop then you must have an external WLAN adapter connected and it’s driver is up-to date. Now proceed to the following steps:

  1. Go to Start and Open CMD (command prompt) with Administrator privileges.1. Run CMD as Admin
  2. In CMD type netsh wlan show driver and press enter.2. Show Driver Command
  3. Check your system supports this facility. If it is Hosted network supported : Yes then proceed to next step otherwise your driver is out dated or your using an older version of WLAN adapter (See Snapshot)
    3. Compatibility Check
  4. Type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyHotSpot key=abcxyz123
    and press Enter (You can replace MyHotSpot with any name of your choice and Key too).4. WiFi Creation Command
  5. You will the see the following successful message (see snapshot) which means you have successfully turned your PC in HotSpot. 5. Hostspot Success
  6. Now you need to turn on HostSpot by typing netsh wlan start hostednetwork and press Enter. Now search for WiFi from any other device and you will find newly created WiFi there but when you connect to it, it will be limited connection OR no Internet access. Proceed to next step.6. WiFi On
  7. Go to Network Sharing Center here you will see you active connections Local Area Network and you newly created HotSpot.7. Network Sharing Cneter
  8. Go Local Area Connection Properties.8. LAN Properties
  9. Select Sharing tab on next window.
    9. LAN Sharing
  10. Mark allow other network user to connect through this Computer Internet Connection. Also select the newly created HostSpot from drop down list as show in the snapshot and press OK. (The connection with asteric symbol * will be your new HotSpot)
    10. Allow Network User
  11. Now go to Network Sharing Center again and check against your HotSpot, it will look like Access type: Internet. It means you newly created HotSpot have Internet.11. Internet Shared

Great job! You have turned your PC into WiFi HotSpot successfully. Now you are able to use Internet on any WiFi enabled device without any hassle. Hope you will enjoy it and share with with your loved one too. Thank you

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